When I was starting my leather career, I found an old 1970’s leatherworker’s book in a library in West Ampton, NJ. The first chapter unfolded a world of protest and rebellion, where an underground group of leatherworkers joined together in basements and out of vans to trade tips, show of designs, and just experiment with the medium of leather. The end advice given from this chapter was that to truly work with leather, one must love the leather.
So when I began my trade, I went and sought out other leatherworkers to see if the old sentiment was still around. Poking around, asking questions, and showing off, I have found that the comradery spoken of so long ago, and to keep it alive, I try to carry the spirit of the creativity forward, always experimenting, inventing, and creating,.




Who am I?
I often ask that question myself.

I’m an eccentric artist, a world traveler, a wandering do-gooder, and a Doctor of Psychology. You probably know me as that little elven leatherworker seen around various New Jersey and Pennsylvania Faires.


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